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Contract investment

We make material investments in our people and contract requirements.

All personnel costs are in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment and the Sectoral Determination for the contract cleaning industry.

Equipment & Chemicals


A thorough site survey is conducted prior to submitting a proposal in order to provide the appropriate equipment and machinery.

The company only uses equipment of the highest quality. Kuyaba Services is pro-active in keeping abreast of the latest technology by attending seminars and trade shows. All machinery conforms to SABS requirements.

We place great importance on cleaning machines being well maintained, not only from a safety perspective but also to maximize productivity. All staff members receive regular training on the use and safety aspects of the equipment.


As a responsible user, Kuyaba Services is committed to using non-toxic chemicals free of problematic substances. Only SABS approved disinfectants and chemicals that comply with European regulations are used.

Our cleaning teams receive extensive training on the application and safe use of the different chemicals. Material Safety Data Sheets are available at each site and chemicals are clearly marked and safely stored.

Training & Development

At Kuyaba Services we believe that training is a critical building block towards delivering a superior product and service as well as being a motivational and developmental tool for employees.

On-site Training

Employees who receive continuous training are more likely to show greater commitment to our clients and the industry.

Monthly in-service training takes place at all sites.

Quality Control

Contract Manager

Each client is assigned a manager. It is the role of the manager to ensure the day to day smooth running of our clients’ sites. The manager is our clients’ first port of contact for any queries, operational issues and client liaison. All our managers are highly skilled in managing staff relationships, motivating staff and understanding our clients’ cleaning needs.

Client Satisfaction Reports

The client contact person at each site is requested to complete a Client Satisfaction Report on a monthly

Line of reporting /communications

Frequency of visits between the manager and the client is determined prior to the commencement of the contract. If issues are not resolved in the course of day-to-day operations, they can be raised in this
forum to be dealt with in a formal manner.